• Lulak Apartments Orebić

    Lulak Apartments Nice and affordable!

    The Lulak Family is offering accommodation in beautiful Studio Apartments in the most attractive part of Orebić, in a beautiful area just off the center of Orebić, within the walking distance to the beach and crystal clear Adriatic sea.

  • Magnificent Sea-View

    Well equipped All what you need

    All apartments are well equipped, including bathroom, kitchen, Sat-TV, free wireless internet access, air-condition and balcony. Most of the apartments have magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea and surrounding islands. Free Parking included!

  • Lulak Family

    Lulak Family Tradition and experience

    At the Lulak Family Apartments, we bring you the same wonderful experience we grew up on. Our warm Mediterranean hospitality combined with over 35 years of experience in serving the visitors from all around the world.

  • Stupe Island Croatia

    Amazing Croatia The Mediterranean pure!

    Begin your love affair with Croatia this summer in Orebić. Wheter you visit for the sun, the sailing, the jaw-droping scenery, world class wines or culinary delights; the Dalmatian coast is quite simply one of Europe’s most stunning escapes.

Southern Dalmatia unexplored and unspoilt

City of KorčulaDespite the popularity of its most famous city, Dubrovnik, Southern Dalmatia remains relatively unexplored – and perhaps for that reason, unspoilt. Much of its appeal lies in the great diversity of the natural landscape, with pristine beaches, dense forests, rolling hills and dramatic mountains all packed into a narrow and easily navigable strip of land.

Pelješac Peninsula oasis of natural treasures

Island Badija - KorčulaPelješac peninsula’s main assets are its biodiversity and exceptional beauty of unspoiled nature. Clean air, unpolluted crystal blue sea, scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, and sounds of nature are attributes that will satisfy any nature lover, and provide an extraordinary escape from the urban lifestyle.


Local weather forecast and conditions for Orebić and Korčula

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